Table 1

Demographic and clinical characteristics

Balanced Salt Solution PlusRinger
Age (years)63.0±1.665.3±1.7
Gender34 females36 females
Visual acuity at baseline (logMAR)0.52±0.020.51±0.03
Visual acuity at postoperative day 60 visit (logMAR)0.04±0.010.03±0.01
Phacoemulsification time (s)32.9±4.932.6±4.9
Volume of irrigating solution employed (ml)124.8±8.3129.9±8.4
Intraocular pressure at baseline (mmHg)16±316±4
Cataract nucleus opalescence (score): No of patients(1) 10(1) 14
(2) 22(2) 20
Pearson test: χ2=6.07; p=0.1081.(3) 13(3) 16
(4) 5(4) 0
  • Values presented as mean±SEM.