Table 1

Pre- and 18-month postoperative results in treated eyes (n=22)

ParameterPreoperative18 monthsDifferencep Value
Spherical equivalent refractive error (D)−2.34−1.52+0.820.06
Refractive astigmatism (DC)−3.8−4.3−0.50.1
Uncorrected visual acuity (Snellen decimal equivalent)0.270.33+0.060.2
Best spectacle-corrected visual acuity (Snellen decimal equivalent)0.820.94+0.120.01
Pachymetry (μm)483487+40.5
Orbscan-simulated keratometry (D)47.1446.52−0.62<0.001
Orbscan-simulated astigmatism (D)4.13.6−0.50.007
Orbscan 3 mm keratometry (D)46.4546.04−0.410.008
Orbscan 5 mm keratometry (D)45.0844.7−0.380.1
Keraton-simulated keratometry (D)47.1646.86−0.30.1
Keraton-simulated astigmatism (D)3.73.47−0.230.1
2.00 mm cone apex power (D)53.953.0−0.90.002
  • D, dioptres; DC, diopters of cylinder.