Table 1

Outcomes of corneal collagen cross-linking for keratoconus

AuthorsType of studyNumber of participantsFollow-up periodResultsComplications
Caporrosi et al14Prospective, non-randomised10 eyes of 10 patients6 monthsIncreased UCVA, mean Km reduction of 2.1±0.13 DNone reported
Wittig-Silva et al15Prospective, randomised66 eyes of 49 patients12 months (9 patients)Reduction of Km max by an mean of 1.45 DNo serious adverse effects reported
Hoyer et al16Retrospective153 eyes of 111 patients12 months (minimum)Km readings decreased in the third year by 4.34 DOne case of keratitis, resolved and retreated successfully
Raiskup-Wolf et al17Retrospective480 eyes of 272 patients6 months (minimum)Km values decreased by 4.84 D in the third yearNone
Jankov et al18Prospective, non-randomised25 eyes of 20 patients4–7 monthsKm max decreased by more than 2 DNone
Vinciguerra et al19Prospective, non-randomised28 eyes of 28 patients12 monthsMean average simulated Km decreased by 6.07 DNone reported
Grewal et al20Prospective, non-randomized102 patients12 monthsNo significant change in visual acuity and corneal curvatureNone reported
Agrawal21Retrospective37 eyes of 25 patients12 months (minimum)Km max value decreased by a mean of 2.47 D in 54% of eyesNone reported
  • Km, keratometry; UCVA, uncorrected visual acuity.