Table 3

Comparison of the difference between baseline and 18 months between treated and untreated eyes for refractive, visual and topographic measurements

ParameterTreated eyesUntreated eyesDifferencep Value
Spherical equivalent refractive error (D)+0.82+0.11+0.710.2
Refractive astigmatism (DC)−0.5−0.64−0.140.9
Uncorrected visual acuity (Snellen decimal equivalent)+0.06−0.01+0.070.2
Best spectacle-corrected visual acuity (Snellen decimal equivalent)+0.12+0.13−0.10.98
Pachymetry (μm)+4+6+20.9
Orbscan-simulated keratometry (D)−0.66+0.14−0.8<0.001
Orbscan-simulated astigmatism (D)−0.5+0.04−0.540.04
Orbscan 3 mm keratometry (D)−0.41+0.16−0.570.007
Orbscan 5 mm keratometry (D)−0.38+0.13−0.510.04
Keraton-simulated keratometry (D)−0.3+0.12−0.420.2
Keraton-simulated astigmatism (D)−0.23+0.2−0.430.03
2.00 mm cone apex power (D)−0.9−0.1−0.80.04
  • D, dioptres; DC, diopters of cylinder.