Table 3

Results of linear regression analyses (LR) and Generalised Estimating Equations (GEEs) (from multiple sclerosis patients only) with retinal nerve fibre layer thickness (RNFLT) (first column) or total macular volume (TMV) (second column) and visual acuity (VA) and age as independent variables, and area under the curve (AUC) day (first row) or AUC Night (second row) as dependent variables

βR2pCI low–highpβR2pCI low–highp Value
AUC DayRNFLT0.2760.077<0.0010.003 to 0.007<0.001TMV0.2360.0690.0020.042 to 0.1760.001
VA0.2530.068<0.0010.073 to 0.3610.003VA0.2170.0500.0040.060 to 0.3560.006
Age−0.1130.0130.120−0.007 to 0.0010.169Age−0.0930.0080.213−0.007 to 0.0020.286
AUC NightRNFLT0.2010.0410.0060.001 to 0.0090.007TMV0.1880.0490.0120.034 to 0.2010.006
VA0.2900.091<0.0010.178 to 0.624<0.001VA0.2640.075<0.0010.160 to 0.614<0.001
Age−0.1380.0190.059−0.011 to 0.0010.130Age−0.1210.0140.105−0.011 to 0.0020.186
  • Standardised β, attributable R2 change (R2) and p values from linear regressions as well as 95% CIs for (non-standardised) coefficient β and p values from GEEs are shown.