Table 1

The number of cases with lattice degeneration and other peripheral retinal degenerations in the fellow eye of detached eyes by type of break causing RRD in the detached eye

Number of cases with lattice degeneration in the fellow eyeNumber of cases with peripheral retinal degeneration other than lattice in the fellow eye
Type of break in the primary detached eye (cases (n))
PVD presentHST (975)131 (13.4%)62 (6.3%)
 GRT (15)4 (26.6%)1 (6.6%)
 PVD AbsentDialysis (56)7 (12.5%)4 (7.1%)
RH (67)22 (32.8%)9 (13.4%)
Retinoschisis (17)01 (5.8%)
Total (1130)164 (11%)77 (6.8%)
  • GRT, giant retinal tear; HST, horse-shoe tear; PVD, posterior vitreous detachment; RH, round hole; RRD, rhegmatogenous retinal detachment.