Table 3

Presenting ocular signs and concurrent ocular diagnoses (no and percentage of patients)

Ocular signsConcurrent ocular diagnosis
PEE25 (100%)MGD/BKC14 (56%)
Corneal scarring6 (24%)Allergic keratoconjunctivitis6 (24%)
Corneal neovascularisation6 (24%)Absence of meibomian glands1 (4%)
Anaesthetic corneas3 (12%)Corneal dystrophy (?Meesman's)1 (4%)
Corneal ulcers2 (8%)Shortening of lids1 (4%)
Corneal infiltrates2 (8%)
Exposure keratopathy2 (8%)
Filamentary keratitis1 (4%)
Toxic keratopathy1 (4%)
  • BKC, blepharokeratoconjunctivitis; MGD, meibomian gland dysfunction; PEE, punctate epithelial erosions.