Table 2

Quotes that illustrate the domains visual function and restriction of movement

Visual function
General visual function“Er vision, I'd say it's poor cos I know it could be better and like I said before you can't get away from your vision so it's there all the time.” (Patient 7)
“Just trying to I suppose if you know if I wanted to read for a long time I mean I've never sat down and really read books. But that is probably why I don't because you just get tired just reading, concentrating to read for so long.” (Patient 15)
“My Vision…obviously my distance vision is not great, what I would normally be able to read is not great. Also reading small print on sort of telephone directories and things…if there's poor light quality or if I'm tired then I am then having to resort to using a magnifying glass.” (Patient 21)
Face recognition“I remember when I was a kid I got lost quite easily because I couldn't find, if I wandered off and then my mum would disappear and I couldn't find her cos I can't pick faces out in a crowds so yeah that was sometimes a problem definitely.” (Patient 1)
“…my recognising people; there's many time I walk past people and then they obviously comment you didn't acknowledge them. Other times I can acknowledge somebody and it's not the person I thought it was when then that can be embarrassing.” (Patient 10)
“I've always found that I feel a bit anti-social not being able to recognise people when you're going out and that.” (Patient 16)
Restriction of movement
Driving“For me it's not being able to drive that's the main that's the main issue. But I don't if I could just get my eyesight just so I could drive and I would be happy I feel I suppose.” (Patient 7)
“Other things that worry me about becoming a parent—not being able to drive. I'd have to structure my life quite differently, choose where I live but essentially just things I need to be close to, rely on public transport which I really hate. And rely on other people a bit too much as well.” (Patient 13)
“Erm it has restricted in what I can do for a erm for a living. Because I can't get a driving licence so therefore it restricts erm it has restricted me quite a lot in the past and it's still doing so. In the fact that I can't become any higher in the job I am at the moment erm because I can't drive.” (Patient 14)
Public transport“You have to think whenever you're going anywhere because you have to make sure you can read the bus numbers. The same with train time boards, you have to think about it, no matter what you do, wherever you go, you have to think about it.” (Patient 1)
“…it didn't restrict the type of job but it restricted where I worked because I was limited to public transport.” (Patient 5)
Occupation“…I wanted to join the Navy, I wanted to join the police… the jobs that I wanted to do required that you had a certain level of vision. Job wise it has held me back.” (Patient 15)
“Erm into working life because no driving license severely restricted the sort of work I could do. You know had I not had this thing wrong with me we may have lived somewhere else and I may have done a different job.” (Patient 12)
Leisure activities“You just can't see what's going on. Anything like that with a ball or a fast moving object forget it, you are not going to be able to see it. Any sporting event really and going to the theatre, everything really, you just can't see what's going on.” (Patient 6)
“Pretty much anything to do with eye co-ordination, football, tennis or anything like that. You're just not as god as anybody else and it's obvious.” (Patient 19)
“Leisure tended to be things that I could do on my own where it didn't involve other people having to tolerate my ball game skills.” (Patient 12)
Relying on others“Big problem, big problem not only because you can't get anywhere because public transport by and large is rubbish and it's hugely expensive, but also feelings of self-worth and not being able to drive I just and being reliant on my wife to ferry me anywhere it just feels hideous.” (Patient 2)
“Erm every day I mean cos I can't read of projectors and stuff like that. I know it feels makes you feel kind of dependent on someone taking notes for me and stuff…kinda helpless in a way and dependent on others and I don't like that.” (Patient 18)
“Lack of independence and I don't just mean getting around I mean being dependant on other people. I find this very frustrating because when I've studied up to degree level I'm not a stupid person but yet you're made to feel a bit stupid because you can't do simple things.” (Patient 21)