Table 1

Results of the size and shape analysis of both the intraoperative aspect of the epiretinal membrane (ERM) and the preoperative white, red, orange and yellow thickness-colour coding in the retinal thickness map (RTM)

Patient No.ERM areas (μm2)White areas (μm2)Red areas (μm2)Orange areas (μm2)Yellow areas (μm2)Direction of folds on microscopic photoRetinal folds on RTMERM/RTM similarity
11.4201.929.1516.99Star-like towards foveaYesNo
22.4403.46.2816.6No foldsNoNo
31.5103.76.8914.51No foldsNoYes
42.680.614.55.769Radial to nasalYesYes
53.4304.1510.2514.58Radial to nasalYesYes
67.3509.513.2619.63No foldsNoYes
78.30.887.2215.0918.97No foldsNoYes
87.4408.1319.8326.42No foldsNoYes
96.1806.515.6425.96No foldsNoYes
1012.472.839.514.8918.89No foldsNoYes
1113.16.2612.9218.8921.26Radial to nasalYesYes
127.575.6612.1521.7624.31No foldsNoYes
1310.251.0313.8521.3225.65Radial to nasalYesYes
150.500.283.746.63No foldsNoYes