Table 2

Comparison of the current technique with existing techniques of autologous limbal transplantation for treatment of unilateral limbal stem cell deficiency

Gap between stagesNone2 weeksNone
Donor tissue size in mm (clock hours)2 (<1)2 (<1)10–20 (3–6)
Need for donor conjunctivaNoNoYes
Need for stem cell laboratoryNoYesNo
Need for hAMYesYesNo
Location of transplantAll over corneaAll over corneaAt the limbus
Time to epithelialisation4–6 weeks04–6 weeks
Repeatable from same donor eyeYesYesNo
Donor eye LSCDNoNo15Yes6–9
Long-term successAwaited50–100%10–1577–100%5–9 18
Complications in recipient eyeNoneNoneNone
Cost* in INR12 00096 00012 000
Cost* in GBP1551246155
  • * Current charges at L V Prasad Eye Institute, Hyderabad, India for the surgical and laboratory procedures, excluding anaesthesia charges and room rent (additional 20–30% of surgery costs).

  • CLAU, conjunctival limbal autograft; CLET, cultivated limbal epithelial transplantation; GBP, Great Britain pounds; hAM, human amniotic membrane; INR, Indian rupees; LSCD, limbal stem cell deficiency; SLET, simple limbal epithelial transplantation.