Table 1

Summary of patient demographics and imaging characteristics

Mean (SD) or % (n)
 Age at OCT1.9 years (2.7)
 Average time to second OCT1.2 months (1.6)
First OCT findings
 New active lesion59.1% (13)
 Normal macula22.7% (5)
 Inactive scar18.2% (4)
 Inactive scar and CMO+epiretinal membrane4.5% (1)
 Inactive scar and normal macula22.7% (5)
 Inactive scar and normal macula, scar at disk4.5% (1)
Second OCT findings
 CMO4.5% (1)
 Cyst and active lesion4.5% (1)
 Edge recurrence9.1% (2)
 Lesion growth13.6% (3)
 Scar13.6% (3)
Third OCT findings
 Edge recurrence9.1% (2)
 Inactive scar4.5% (1)
  • CMO, cystoid macular oedema; OCT, optical coherence tomography.