Table 2

Partial correlation between macular measurements and age, spherical refraction and best corrected visual acuity (BCVA)

AgeSpherical refractionBCVA
Macular volume−0.2080.0000.1250.032−0.0770.187
Central retinal thickness−0.0740.207−0.0010.9810.0230.696
Superior inner macular thickness−0.1710.0030.1270.029−0.0720.218
Nasal inner macular thickness−0.1530.0090.1180.044−0.0570.328
Inferior inner macular thickness−0.1590.0070.1060.070−0.0670.251
Temporal inner macular thickness−0.1530.0090.1110.059−0.0330.579
Superior outer macular thickness−0.2390.0000.1140.052−0.1010.083
Nasal outer macular thickness−0.2210.0000.1170.045−0.0950.105
Inferior outer macular thickness−0.2010.0010.1360.020−0.0810.165
Temporal outer macular thickness−0.2240.0000.1440.013−0.0850.147
  • For this purpose, measurements from the right eye and the left eye for each individual were averaged

  • *Adjusted for sex, spherical refraction and BCVA.

  • †Adjusted for sex, age and BCVA.

  • ‡Adjusted for sex, age and spherical refraction.