Table 1

Study and patient characteristics

Mean (SD) age at onset16.7 months (13.0); range 0–60
Mean (SD) duration of X(T)40.9 months (19.9); range 13–117
Mean (SD) age at surgery57.9 months (21.6); range 19–123
Male : female ratio45% : 55%
Family history of strabismus36/72 (50%)
Non-surgical treatment for control prior to surgery?15/72 (21%)*
Indications for surgeryAppearance only 10%, functional only 17%, both appearance and functional 73%
Deteriorating distance angle between enrolment and pre-op in 37%, no change in 35%, improvement in 28%
Deteriorating control between enrolment and pre-op in 58%, no change in 29%, improvement in 13%
Mean (SD) interval between pre-operative assessment and surgery6.8 weeks(6.3); range 0–28
Mean (SD) interval between surgery and initial post-operative assessment12.7 days (16.9); range 1–90
Mean (SD) interval between surgery and last post-operative assessment21.4 months (10.5); range 6–46
  • *Nine glasses, five alternate occlusion, one both glasses and alternate occlusion.