Table 2

Difference in outcome variables between the chloramphenicol and non-chloramphenicol groups in 139 cases with Pseudomonas CLAK

Chloramphenicol group, n=46Non-chloramphenicol group, n=93Statistical significance
Ulcer size*Mean=7.1 mm2Mean=5.1 mm2p=0.018
Ulcer location
VA (LogMAR) at presentation
 Median (IQR)0.54 (0.18, 3)0.18 (0, 1.78)p=0.02
Final VA (LogMAR)
 Median (IQR)0.18 (0, 0.24)0.18 (0, 0.3)p=0.29
Follow-up (days)
 Median (IQR)37 (9, 310)21 (6, 80)p=0.09
 Vascularised scar30
 Therapeutic graft32
  • *Minimum times maximum diameter when fluoroquinolone started.

  • CLAK, contact lens-associated keratitis; VA, visual acuity.