Table 1

European Prospective Investigation of Cancer-Norfolk Eye Study participant demographic, biometric and aqueous outflow structure parameters with mean, SD, 95% CI and range

ParameternMeanSD95% CIRange
Age (years)4665.75.664.0 to 67.355.0–78.6
Axial length (mm)4623.480.9523.20 to 23.7721.77–25.55
Anterior chamber depth (mm)463.080.382.96 to 3.202.02–3.95
Mean keratometry (dioptres)4643.841.5743.37 to 44.3239.61–46.98
Intraocular pressure (mm  Hg)4616.93.715.8 to 18.06.5–25.9
Spherical equivalent (dioptres)46+0.371.73−0.15 to 0.88−3.75 to 4.63
Systolic BP (mm Hg)4613815133 to 14299–164
Diastolic BP (mm Hg)4680977 to 8367–102
Ocular perfusion pressure (mm Hg)46991096 to 10278–120
Height (cm)46166.67.7164.3 to 168.9148.2–187.5
Weight (kg)4673.213.369.3 to 77.252.5–119.1
Nasal SL–SS (μm)46800104768 to 831593–1040
Nasal SS–SC (μm)4119142178 to 20492–281
Nasal SC diameter (μm)4130383277 to 32994–470
Nasal TM CSA (mm2)410.06520.01260.0612 to 0.06920.0384–0.0910
Temporal SL–SS (μm)46808102778 to 834527–1045
Temporal SS–SC (μm)3919537183 to 207108–283
Temporal SC diameter (μm)3926069238 to 283105–396
Temporal TM CSA (mm2)390.06600.01630.0607 to 0.07130.0427–0.1050
  • BP, blood pressure; SC, Schlemm's canal; SL, Schwalbe's line; SS, scleral spur; TM CSA, trabecular meshwork cross-sectional area.