Table 1

Pre- and 1 and 4–6 year postoperative results (±1 SD) in 30 study eyes

ParameterPreoperative12 months4–6 yearsp Value*p Value**
Refractive cylinder−3.39±2.5DC−3.41±2.6DC−3.11±2.4DC0.60.1
UDVA (Snellen decimal equivalent)0.27±0.290.29±0.330..286±0.310.60.9
CDVA (Snellen decimal equivalent)0.8±0.270.905±0.240.905±0.2<0.041.0
Pachymetry488±34 μm483±35 μm491±35 μm0.5<0.04
Mean Sim K46.44±3.4D46.18±3.38D45.6±3.3D<0.001<0.001
Corneal topographic astigmatism3.75±2.52D3.7±2.58D3.31±1.87D0.20.2
Cone apex power51.69±4.63D51.29±4.27D50.53±4.58D<0.001<0.02
  • *p Values at 4–6 years compared with preoperative values.

  • **p Values at 4–6 years compared with 1 year values.

  • DC, diopters cylinder; SEQ, spherical equivalent error; UVA, ultraviolet A.