Table 2

Measurement of BCC lesions obtained from macroscopic clinical assessment, specimen measurement following surgical excision, light microscopy measurement and OCT imaging

Measurement techniquex Axis
Mean dimension (range)
y Axis
Mean dimension (range)
z Axis
Mean dimension (range)
Macroscopic measurement in clinic assessment5.12 mm (2–10 mm)4.35 mm (3–7 mm)NA
Macroscopic specimen measurement following BCC excision (BCC+margins)8.56 mm (6–13 mm)7.78 mm (5–12 mm)2.13 mm (1.5–4 mm)
Microscopic BCC measurement from histology sections4.67 mm (1.5–9 mm)4.53 mm (1.5–10 mm)1.40 mm (0.7–3 mm)
BCC measurement from OCT images4.43 mm (3.5–6 mm)3.03 mm (1.3–4.9 mm)1.05 mm (0.5–1.5 mm)
Histology versus OCTCorrelation=0.8
3/16 cases
OCT mean error +1.43
6/16 cases
OCT mean error −0.75
9/16 cases
OCT mean error −0.25
  • BCC, basal cell carcinoma; OCT, optical coherence tomography.