TableĀ 2

Summary of 1-year incidence of targeted ocular events

Number of ocular events of particular interest (%)WAVE Germany N=3470HELIOS Netherlands N=243HELIOS Belgium N=260Sweden N=471Total n=4444
Any ocular event of particular interest73 (1.64)
Retinal pigment epithelial tear16 (0.46)7 (2.88)3 (1.15)1 (0.21)27 (0.61)
Intraocular pressure-related events9 (0.26)2 (0.82)1 (0.38)012 (0.27)
Traumatic cataract5 (0.14)4 (1.65)1 (0.38)010 (0.23)
Vitreous haemorrhage7 (0.20)1 (0.41)008 (0.18)
Deterioration of retinal blood flow3 (0.09)2 (0.82)1 (0.38)06 (0.14)
Endophthalmitis4 (0.12)01 (0.38)05 (0.11)
Intraocular inflammation1 (0.03)1 (0.41)1 (0.38)03 (0.07)
Retinal tear1 (0.03)0001 (0.02)
Retinal detachment001 (0.38)01 (0.02)
  • The incidence rates for events of special interest were derived by summing the incidence rates of the relevant preferred terms. With this approach, patients might be counted more than once, which could have led to a conservative overestimation of the rate. Ocular safety events were recorded for both eyes in patients from HELIOS Netherlands and HELIOS Belgium; ocular safety events were recorded for the study eye only in patients from the German WAVE and Swedish registries.

  • HELIOS, Health Economics with Lucentis In Observational Settings; WAVE, Lucentis in Wet AMD: Evaluation of Visual Acuity and Quality of Life.