Table 2

Reduction in number of infants that need to be screened and in number of fundus examinations for different screening criteria in comparison with the old guideline

Inclusion criteriaInfants (n)Examinations (n)Reduction in infants (%)Reduction in examinations (%)
<32 weeks and/or <1500 g15613705
<32 weeks and/or <1500 g (study group coupled to PRN)1380333911.69.9
<30 weeks and/or <1250 g (HR group)871253944.231.5
<30 weeks and/or <1250 g and 30–32 weeks and/or 1251–1500 g with ≥1 risk factor or unrecorded risk factors1109291929.021.2
  • HR, high risk; PRN, national perinatal registry.