Table 1

Patient characteristic with preoperative and postoperative data

AgeSexSurgical interventionΔIOP/VAFComplications
69mPhako, Trab/MMC, io visco, transconjunctival sutures35/0.410/1.018Antiglaucomatous topical medication
89fPhako, Trab/MMC, io visco, transconjunctival sutures67/0.114/0.66
82mTrab/MMC, 2× io visco45/0.258/0.56
76fPhako, Trab/MMC, 2× io visco55/0.28/0.612
73mPhako, Trab/MMC, laser suture lysis23/0.2513/0.254
69fPhako, Trab/MMC, io visco45/0.57/1.04
80fPhako, trab/MMC, io visco14/0.0511/0.42Additional compression sutures, persisting choroidal detachment, pericard patch
56mTrab/MMC726/0.110/0.164Persisting choroidal folds
63mVitrectomy, Trab/MMC83/0.615/1.09Preoperative leakage—postoperative localised implant exposure, secondary conjunctival advancement
50mTrab/MMC, 5-FU injection115/0.29/0.211Preoperative leakage—postoperative corneal dellen, antiglaucomatous topical medication
  • Δ , time between trabeculectomy and secondary CGM implantation in months.

  • Age in years; m, male; f, female; CGM, collagen glycosaminoglycan matrices; F, follow-up in months; FU, fluorouracil; io visco, intraocular injection of viscoelastic material; IOP, intraocular pressure in mm Hg (before CGM surgery and at the final follow-up visit); Phako, Phacoemulsification with intraocular lens implantation; Trab/MMC, trabeculectomy with mitomycin C; VA, visual acuity (as decimal fraction before CGM surgery and at the final follow-up visit).