Table 1

Comparison of mean overall SIMD and geographic access scores

Optometry premisesGP practicesTotal population in Tayside
N5963402 640
Overall SIMD score (mean±SD)24.26±12.0922.98±14.4419.57±14.92
Geographic access score (mean±SD)3.77±6.489.73±15.1123.10±20.52
  • The larger the SIMD score, the more deprived an area. A larger geographic access score denotes an area with poorer access to key services. For example, Fintry, which is the most access deprived area in Dundee City, has the highest geographic access score, 42.64, because it has the longest drive times and public transport travel times to retail centres, post office, GP and schools. This would suggest a lack of key services within the locality of Fintry.

  • GP, general practitioner; SIMD, Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation 2012.