Table 1

Epidemiological and disease characteristics of patients with MS and healthy subjects

MS patients (n 38)Healthy subjects (n 40)p Value*
Age (years) (mean (SD))49.65 (12.23)47.96 (10.63)0.514
Women:men (% women)23:15 (60.53%)26:14 (65%)0.800
BCVA (Snellen scale) (mean (SD))0.87 (0.04)0.98 (0.02)0.002
Intraocular pressure13.98 (4.50)14.34 (2.44)0.332
Disease duration (years) (mean (SD))7.33 (1.91)
EDSS score (mean (range))2.49 (0–6.5)
Eyes with optic neuritis history (n (%))12 (31.6%)
  • *Significant difference (p<0.05) between normal and MS groups for each population.

  • BCVA, best corrected visual acuity; EDSS, expanded disability status scale; MS, multiple sclerosis; n, number.