Table 1

Evidence for light perception through NIR-transmitting black IOLs

Number of patients with visual acuity of light perception or better in the occluded eyeNumber of patients experiencing light perception despite black IOLNIR-transmitting black IOL and model number
Case seriesCases reportedPreoperativePostoperative
Wong et al36222 (100%)Morcher (81D, 85F)
Lee et al43311* (33%)Morcher (80D, 80D/6S, 81D)
Hadid, Wride et al112121212 (100%)Morcher (81D)
Yusuf et al5 and Yusuf et al, 2013 (unpublished)2222 (100%)Morcher (85F)
Total23191717 (89%)
  • Summary of all published cases documenting the preoperative and postoperative visual acuities of patients undergoing near-infrared transmitting black IOL implantation.

  • *Both patients who experienced no perception of light in the occluded eye postoperatively in this series had optic neuropathies—post-traumatic and demyelinating, respectively.