Table 4

Clinical studies of myopia control in the past

Authors (years)Period (months)DesignAge (years old), ethnicityCriteria of Rx (D)Interventions and sample size (n)Treatment effect in retarding myopia progression
Study period in D (%)Per year in D
Present study24Randomised, masked8–13, Chinese−1 to −5.SV CL, n=47
DISC, n=49
0.21 (25%)0.11
Edward et al (2002)624Randomised, double masked7–10.5, Chinese−1.25 to −4.5SVL, n=132
PAL (1.5 D Add), n=121
0.14 (11%)0.07
Gwiazda et al (2003)736Randomised, masked6–11, diverse ethnicity−1.25 to −4.5SVL, n=233;
PAL (2 D Add), n=229
0.20 (14%)0.07
Hasebe et al (2008)818Randomised, masked, cross-over6–12, Japanese−1.25 to −6SVL, n=44;
PAL(1.5 D Add), n=42
1st period: 0.31 (18%)
2nd period: 0.02 (2%)
1st period: 0.2
2nd period: 0.01
Yang et al (2009)924Randomised, masked7–13, Chinese−0.5 to −3SVL, n=75
PAL(1.5 D Add), n=74
0.26 (17%)0.13
COMET2 and PEDIG (2011)1036Randomised, masked, multicenter8–12−0.75 to −2.50SV, n=58
PAL(2 D Add), n=52
0.28 (24%)0.09
Berntsen et al (2012)1112Randomised, masked, all worn SV in 2nd year6–11−0.75 to −4.50SV, n=42
PAL(2 D Add), n=41
0.18 (35%)0.18
Cheng et al (2010)1224Randomised, masked8–13, Chinese−1 to −5.5SVL, n=41;
BF (1.5 D Add), n=48;
PBF (1.5 D Add, 3ΔBI), n=46
BF: 0.59 (38%)
PBF: 0.85 (55%)
BF: 0.3
PBF: 0.43
Anstice and Phillips (2011)2210Randomised, paired-eye control, cross-over11–14, diverse ethnicity−1.25 to −4.5SV CL, n=40
DF (2 D MD), n=40
1st period: 0.25 (37%)
2nd period: 0.2 (54%)
1st period: 0.3
2nd period: 0.24
Sankaridurg et al (2011)2112Randomised7–14, Chinese−0.75 to −3.5SVL, n=40
novel CL, n=45
0.29 (34%)0.29
  • BF, bifocal spectacle lens; COMET2 and PEDIG, Correction of Myopia Evaluation Trial 2 Study Group and the Pediatric Eye Disease Investigator Group; DF, dual focus contact lens; DISC, Defocus Incorporated Soft Contact; MD, myopic defocus; PAL, progressive addition lens; PBF, prismatic bifocal lens; SV CL, single vision contact lens; SVL, single vision spectacle lens.