Table 4

Metastatic disease and correlation with TNM stage in patients with sebaceous carcinoma

PatientTNM stageTumour size (mm)Time to regional nodal metastases (months)Time to distant metastases (months)Treatment of metastasesCondition at last follow-up (follow-up months after treatment for metastases)
1T2aN0M0528LymphadenectomyAlive and well (19)
2T2aN0M0728LymphadenectomyAlive and well (22)
3T2bN0M01425RadiotherapyAlive with disease (1)
4T2bN1M0100 (at presentation)LymphadenectomyAlive and well (43)
5T3bN1M1200 (at presentation)0 (at presentation)RadiotherapyDied due to metastatic disease (31)