Table 1

Countries included into the category of ‘high-income countries, Eastern and Central Europe’

Asia Pacific (n=5)Brunei Darussalam, Japan (n=3), Republic of Korea, Singapore (n=2)
Australasia (n=7)Australia (n=7), New Zealand
North America, high income (n=4)Canada, USA (n=4)
Western Europe (n=18)Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Denmark (n=1); Finland (n=1); France (n=1); Germany, Greece (n=1); Iceland (n=1); Ireland, Israel, Italy (n=3); Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands (n=2); Norway (n=1); Portugal, Spain (n=2); Sweden, Switzerland, the UK (n=5)
Central Europe (n=1)Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria (n=1); Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Macedonia (former Yugoslav Republic of)
Eastern Europe (n=2)Belarus, Estonia (n=1); Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Russian Federation (n=1); Ukraine
  • ‘n’ indicates the number of studies from that country.