Table 3

Predictive value of the evaluated parameters

NPer centMedian FVAp Value
OTS—Score parameter*
IVA, n=71
 LP to HM2129.64
 1/200 to 19/2001318.35
 20/200 to 20/501622.55
Globe rupture, n=71
Endophthalmitis, n=71
Perforating injury, n=71
Retinal detachment, n=69
POTS—Score parameter
IVA, n=71
 LP to HM2129.64
 Counting fingers1318.34
Age, n=71
Wound location, n=71
 Zone I4157.750.001
 Zone II1014.15
 Zone III2028.23.5
Concomitant pathologies
Iris prolapse, n=69
Hyphaema, n=66
Organic/unclean, n=60
Delay of surgery >48 h, n=69
Traumatic cataract, n=69
Vitreous haemorrhage, n=67
Further parameters*
Lens injury, n=69
Segment, n=71
  • *OTS groups of median FVA: 1=NLP; 2=LP/HM; 3=1/200 to 19/200; 4=20/200 to 20/50; 5=>20/40.

  • †POTS groups of median FVA: 1=NLP; 2=LP/HM; 3=counting fingers; 4=0.1–0.5; 5=>0.6.

  • FVA, final visual acuity; HM, hand movements; IVA, initial visual acuity; LP, light perception; NLP, no light perception; OTS, Ocular Trauma Score; POTS, Paediatric Penetrating OTS.