Table 1

Comparison of axial resolution, scan speed and imaging capabilities of the devices in this study

DeviceB-Scan3D-OCT number of scansAxial resolution (μm)Scanning speed (A-scans/s)Imaging
Zeiss Stratus OCT IIIYesN/A10400Near-infrared
Reichert/Optopol SOCT CopernicusYes50625 000Near-infrared
Heidelberg Spectralis HRA+OCTYes193.5*40 000Scanning laser ophthalmoscope
Fluorescein angiography
Indocyanine green angiography
Topcon 3D-OCT 1000Yes128618 000Near-infrared
Color Fundus
Zeiss Cirrus HD-OCTYes128527 000LSLO
  • *The Heidelberg Spectralis HRA+OCT has an axial resolution of 7 µm, but the manufacturer claims that by using image compositing it can produce an ‘effective’ axial resolution of 3.5 µm.

  • 3D, three-dimensional.