TableĀ 1

Summary of fixation count, fixation length and pupil diameter for easy and difficult segments in the AMD and control groups

Segment and measureControl group
Mean (SD)
AMD group
Mean (SD)
Easy segment fixation count (count)31.2 (9.0)33.1 (10.5)
Difficult segment fixation count (count)36.2 (11.3)40.1 (11.9)
Easy segment fixation length (s)275.7 (83.5)249.9 (77.8)
Difficult segment fixation length (s)240.1 (65.3)247.4 (79.5)
Easy segment pupil size (mm)3.4 (0.5)4.1 (0.8)
Difficult segment pupil size (mm)3.7 (0.5)4.1 (0.8)
  • AMD, age-related macular degeneration.