Table 2

Analysis results

ModelNumber of patients included in the analysis*Treatment difference†‡95% CISE
Number of ETDRS letters
Method (2), model 2: Post-treatment values only517−1.7(−4.8 to 1.4)1.55
Method (3), model 3: Change from baseline517−0.8(−3.3 to 1.6)1.25
Method (1), model 1: Post-treatment values with baseline value as a covariate517−1.1(−3.4 to 1.3)1.21
  • *Although 525 patients reached the 24-month visit in the IVAN trial, BCVA data are missing for 8 of these patients.

  • †Difference in mean BCVA (bevacizumab—ranibizumab).

  • ‡The results presented differ from the published results.5 For illustrative purposes, only the drug treatment was included in the model; BCVA measured during follow-up and other factors included models used to obtain the published results have not been included.

  • BCVA, Best Corrected Visual Acuity.