Table 3

Characteristics of study populations in the randomised clinical trials (RCTs) included in the systematic review

Randomised clinical trial (country)Number of patients (eyes)Number of patients randomised per group (experimental/control)Mean age of patients per group (experimental/control)Gender per group (experimental/control)
Laibovitz et al (USA)826 patients (52 eyes with DE)13/1358 (total)Total 24F, 2M
Gunduz and Ozdemir (Turkey)930 patients (60 eyes with DE in SS)15/1552.1 (total)Total 27F, 3M
Sall et al (USA)10Results of 2 identical RCTs on 877 (1754 eyes with moderate to severe DE, 540 eyes with SS)293/292/29258.7/60.1/59.9244F, 49M/238F, 54M/233F, 59M
Stevenson et al (USA)11Total: 162 (324 eyes, 86 eyes with SS) with DE for safety, 90 with moderate to severe DE for efficacy analysisTotal: 31/32/34/32/3359 (total)Total 136F, 26M
Salib et al (USA)1221 (42 eyes) patients with DE 1 month before LASIKNot specified47 (total)Total 19F, 2M
Sall et al (USA)1360 (120 eyes with DE)20/20/2059.5 (total)Total 48F, 12M
Willen et al (USA)1444 (88 eyes) CL wearers with DE symptoms22/2244/42.218F, 4M/19F, 3M
Guzey et al (Turkey)1564 (128 eyes) with severe trachomatous DE32/3261.48/60.5118F, 14M/17F, 15M
Kim et al (Korea)16150 (300 eyes) with DE refractory to conventional treatments50/50/5041.3/37.5/35.827F, 23/26F, 24M/33F, 17M
Altiparmak et al (Turkey)1745 (90 eyes) with thyroid orbitopathy and DE20/2541/40.921F, 4M/40F, 8M
Baiza-Duran et al (Mexico)18183 with moderate to severe DENot specified57 (total)Total 112F, 71M
Chen et al (China)19233 (466 eyes) with DE116/11746.5/4683F, 33M/88F, 29M
Rao (USA)2074 (148 eyes) patients with DE41/3347.5/48.225F, 8M/16F, 17M
Demiryay et al (Turkey)2142 (42 eyes) with DE22/2046.6/44.320F, 2M/20F, 0M
Rao (USA)2250 (100 eyes) with DE already treated with CsA twice daily for at least 1 year20/8+22 switched from artificial tears to CsA47.9/47.8+47.8Unspecified
Su et al (USA)23100 (200 eyes) with DE already treated with CsA twice daily for at least 1 year50/5067.3±13.3/66.4±15.242F, 8M/42F, 8M
Liew et al (USA)24327 (654 eyes) with SS and non-SS DE47/46/47/48/48/44/4758.9/59.5/60.7/58.7/59.9/59.8/6238F, 9M/35F, 11M/49F, 7M/34F, 14M/39F, 9M/37F, 7M/32F, 15M
Schrell et al (Germany)2551 (102 eyes) moderate to severe DE22/2962/6018F, 4M/22F, 7M
  • CL, contact lens; CsA, ciclosporin A; DE, dry eye; LASIK, laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis; SS, Sjögren's syndrome.