Table 3

Multilevel model posthoc pairwise and three-way analysis

ComparisonEstimated difference of means95% CISEMp Value
Stereo-normal free space binocular vs monocular2.221.462.980.39<0.001
Stereo-absent free space binocular vs monocular0.62−0.451.700.550.260
Stereo-normal free space binocular vs stereo-absent free space binocular3.031.844.220.61<0.001
Stereo-normal free space monocular vs stereo-absent free space monocular1.430.242.620.610.018
Stereo-normal monitor vs stereo-absent monitor0.29−0.701.280.510.579
Stereo-normal free space vs monitor4.564.025.090.27<0.001
Stereo-absent free space vs monitor2.611.853.370.39<0.001