Table 1

Clinical profile of the ziv-aflibercept study

Patient numberAgeRace genderInitial visionFinal visionInitial CMT in micronCMT 1 week after injectionHeight of RPE detachment (initial to final, μ)Subretinal fluidPrior therapiesSystemic disease
Case 1 (AMD)80Caucasian Male20/80020/150331255833–500YesNoNo
Case 2 (AMD)89Caucasian Female20/10020/607484731040–833Yes (minimal)11 bevacizumab/ 1 ranibizumab over 7.5 yearsHTN; CAD
Case 3 (AMD)84Caucasian Male20/80020/200213181271–90Yes (minimal)5 bevacizumab over 14 monthsDM; CAD; smoker
Case 4 (AMD)86Caucasian Male20/40020/200372347189–170Yes (minimal)4 bevacizumab over 14 monthsHTN
Case 5 (diabetic maculopathy)69Caucasian Male20/80020/100508443NoneYesNoneDM
Case 6 (diabetic maculopathy)61Caucasian Male20/80020/200720368NoneYes (minimal)Ranibizumab 2 Bevacizumab 1DM
  • AMD, age-related macular degeneration; CAD, coronary artery disease; CMT, central macular thickness; DM, diabetes mellitus; HTN, systemic hypertension.