Table 3

An overview of the analysis of additional features

Total 98 patientsRDRNo RDRp Value
Age (median [IQR])75.2 [71.4–79.3]72.0 [66.6–75.8]0.018
GenderFemale: 36Female: 320.006
Male: 7Male: 23
AREDS stage3: 103: 130.965
4: 334: 42
Conversion rate into late AMDAll: 7All: 120.601
CNV: 3CNV: 70.515
GA: 4GA: 50.515
Diagnosis of the fellow eyeEarly: 0Early: 10.305
Intermediate: 10Intermediate: 12
GA: 4GA: 1
CNV: 29CNV: 41
  • Age, gender, AREDS stage, conversion rate into late AMD and the diagnosis of the fellow eyes are compared between patients with and without RDR.

  • AMD, age-related macular degeneration; AREDS, age-related eye disease study; CNV, choroidal neovascularisation; GA, geographic atrophy; RDR, reticular drusen.