TableĀ 3

PROMs identified in RCTs on AMD

PROMNumber of RCTs with PROM (%)
NEI-VFQ-2516 (64)
EQ-5D3 (12)
MacTSQ1 (4)
PSQI1 (4)
IVI1 (4)
VFQ-142 (8)
MacDQoL2 (8)
TTO1 (4)
WBI-51 (4)
ISEL1 (4)
AS-WAS1 (4)
Massof Activity Inventory1 (4)
VFQ-481 (4)
Semi structured interviews1 (4)
PACIC1 (4)
PHQ-91 (4)
Undetermined3 (12)
Total25 (100)
  • AMD, age-related macular degeneration; AS-WAS, acceptance and self-worth adjustment scale; EQ-5D, European Quality of Life-5 Dimension; ISEL, Interpersonal Support Evaluation List; IVI, Impact of Vision Impairment; MacDQoL, Macular Disease Quality of Life questionnaire; MacTSQ, Macular Disease Treatment Satisfaction Questionnaire; NEI-VFQ-25, National Eye Institute Visual Functioning Questionnaire; PACIC, Patient Assessment of Chronic Illness Care; PHQ-9, Patient Health Questionnaire; PROM, patient-reported outcome measure; PSQI, Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index; RCT, randomised controlled trial; TTO, Time-Trade-Off; VFQ-14, Visual Functioning Questionnaire-14; VFQ-48, Visual Functioning Questionnaire-48; WBI-5, Well-Being Index 5.