Table 6

Risk factors for prevalence of age-related macular degeneration (AMD), stratified by age group

Characteristic, n (%)Any AMD
Age groups
 Never77 (5.4)39 (6.7)24 (13.0)
 Past50 (4.4)44 (8.5)25 (13.1)
 Current29 (5.5)15 (10.1)4 (16.7)
p Value0.4200.2900.881
Family history
 No134 (5.0)75 (7.2)40 (11.7)
 Yes9 (6.1)12 (14.5)8 (33.3)
p Value0.5640.0170.002
  • Level of significance set at p<0.05; statistical significance tested with χ2 test for contingency tables. Bold signifies statistically significant p value.

  • Family history, subjects who reported a family history of AMD—family history was defined as having a first-degree relative, that is, parent or sibling with AMD; smoking, smoking status of subjects classified as never (no reported history of smoking), past (past smokers) and current (current smokers).