Table 1

Mean choroidal thickness in pretreated and treatment-naive patients prior to and after a loading dose of three 2 mg aflibercept injections at 4 weeks interval

Retinal areaPretreated patients mean choroidal thicknessTreatment-naive patients mean choroidal thickness
BeforeAfterp ValueBeforeAfterp Value
SFCT182.8±57.4172± 57.7<0.001226.4±68.5208.0±66.6<0.001
  • 2500NCT=choroidal thickness 2500 µm nasal from the central fovea, 300NCT=choroidal thickness 300 µm nasal from the central fovea, SFCT=subfoveal choroidal thickness, 300TCT=choroidal thickness 300 µm temporal from the central fovea, 2500TCT=choroidal thickness 2500 µm temporal from the central fovea.

  • Data presented as mean±SD.