Table 1

Summary of the number of study populations with data on primary open angle glaucoma (POAG) prevalence by ethnic group

EthnicityStudyKNnSurvey years
Prevalence reported in men and women combined
 White2910760 46511881963–20021987
 Black136824 25813631966–20091995
 East Asian153856 40011821985–20102002
 South Asian165044 3847431990–20082002
 South-East Asian51093022541997–20052002
 Hispanic or Latino21110 9163851998–20032001
 Other/mixed81710 4891511969–20112002
Prevalence reported in men and women separately (subset of all studies)
 White2014840 0127061963–20021989
 Black63615 24910281986–20091997
 East Asian126645 7116901988–20102002
 South Asian85825 3084801998–20082003
 South-East Asian31266041871997–20052001
 Hispanic or Latino21210 9293851998–20032001
  • K: Total number of available estimates of prevalence.

  • N: Total number of participants (published or estimated).

  • n: Total number of cases of POAG (published or estimated).

  • *Mean survey year weighted by study population size.