Table 2

Outcome of various contact lenses in advanced corneal ectasia

AuthorType of CLType of studyIndicationsSample sizeOutcome
Gupta et al29ROSE K versus Soper lensesRandomised control trialKeratoconusn=60ROSE K cases; significantly better glare acuity and contrast sensitivity
BCLCVA—no significant difference
Fernandez-Velazquez 30Kerasoft IC versus ROSE KRetrospectiveKeratoconus PMDn1=94 (KC)
n2=77(ROSE K)
BCLCVA—no significant difference
Baran et al31PROSERetrospectiveCorneal ectasian=59Satisfactory fit and significant improvement in visual acuity
Lee et al34PROSERetrospectiveKeratoconus
Improvement in visual acuity—88% and OSDI score—79% of cases
Rathi et al33BOSPRetrospectiveRGP lenses failure and cases of corneal ectasian=23Significant improvement in visual acuity
  • BCLCVA, best contact lens corrected visual acuity; BOSP, Boston ocular surface prosthesis; CL, contact lenses; KC, keratoconus; OSDI, Ocular Surface Disease Index; PKP, penetrating keratoplasty; PMD, pellucid marginal degeneration; PROSE, prosthetic replacement of ocular surface ecosystem; RGP, rigid gas permeable.