Table 2

Visual results of intraocular lenses (IOLs)

AuthorIOLDesignStudy designNumber of eyesUCNVABDCNVAAdditional testsComplications
Forte and Ursoleo48ReZoomRefractive2 years550.10 logMAR (monocular)Not available▸ UCIVA 0.07 logMAR (monocular).
▸ 7% patients reported moderate glare
▸ 5% patients reported moderate halo
Not reported
Cezon et al50Rayner M-flexRefractive1 year320.28 logMAR (monocular)0.28 logMAR (monocular)▸ UCIVA 0.15 logMAR
▸ CIVA 0.15 logMAR (monocular).
Not reported
Kohnen et al54AcrySof ReSTOR MA60D3Diffractive6 months1270.14 logMAR in 66.9% (binocular)0.14 logMAR in 71.2% (binocular)▸ 84.6% spectacle independence for near vision
▸ 8.5% patients reported severe glare
▸ 4.2% patients reported severe halo
▸ 2 eyes implant replacements
▸ 2 eyes with cystoid macular oedema
▸ 1 eye flat macular oedema
▸ 1 eye macular oedema with fibrous reaction
▸ 1 cystic maculopathy
Packer et al55Tecnis multifocalDiffractive1 year2440.20 logMAR (monocular)
0.10 logMAR (binocular)
0.18 logMAR (monocular)
0.10 logMAR (binocular)
▸ 95.5% spectacle independency for distance vision
▸ 86.6% spectacle independency for near vision
▸ 94.6% satisfied
▸ 10.3% patients reported moderate glare
▸ 2.6% patients reported severe glare
▸ 84.8% spectacle independence
▸ 1 pupilloplasty
▸ 4 IOL explantation
▸ 12.8% eyes required Yag laser
Mojzis et al57AT Lisa tri 839MPDiffractive trifocal6 months600.20 logMAR (monocular)0.17 logMAR (monocular)▸ UCIVA 0.08 logMAR
▸ DCIVA 0.08 logMAR (monocular)
Not surgical complications
Sheppard et al58Finevision trifocalDiffractive trifocal2 months30Not availableNot available▸ UCDVA 0.19 logMAR (monocular)
▸ NAVQ Rasch scores satisfaction at near 15.9 logits
Not reported
Voskresenskaya et al56MIOL-Record trifocalDiffractive trifocal6 months360.10 logMAR (monocular)0.10 logMAR (monocular)▸ UCIVA, DCIVA 0.2 logMAR, Scotopic
▸ CS 0.2 log unit below standard values at all spatial frequencies
▸ 94% patients reported spectacle freedom
▸ 25% patients reported haloes
Not surgical complications
Shah (2014)Lentis Mplus X LS-313Rotationally asymmetrical3 months340.18 logMAR (monocular)0.15 logMAR (monocular)NAVQ Rasch scores satisfaction at near 20.43 logitsNot surgical complications
Venter et al63SBL-3Rotationally asymmetrical3 months1060.12 logMAR (monocular);
▸ 0.08 logMAR (binocular)
0.11 logMAR (monocular);
▸ 0.08 logMAR (binocular);
▸ UCIVA 0.16 logMAR (monocular) and 0.13 logMAR (binocular)
▸ DCIVA 0.15 logMAR (monocular) and 0.1 logMAR)(binocular)
▸ 94.4% satisfied or very satisfied
▸ 86.8% had no difficulty at all or little difficulty performing tasks that require good close-up vision
Not surgical complications
Baikoff et al64Anterior pIOLRefractive1 year550.23 logMAR (monocular)Not available▸ Efficacy ratio of 80%
▸ Safety ratio of 94%
▸ Slight pupil ovalisation in 10% eyes
▸ Mean endothelium cell loss less than 5%
▸ 4 IOL explantations because of dissatisfaction
Alio and Mulet 65 The AMO multifocalphakic IOL prototypeRefractive1 year340.20 logMAR (binocular)Not available▸ UCIVA 0.00 (binocular)
▸ Stereopsis near 80.62 s of arc
▸ Patient satisfaction very good in 88% patients
Not surgical complications
Cumming et al66Crystalens AT-45Accommodative1 year FDA clinical trial263 eyes0.20 logMAR or better in 93.5% (binocular)0.20 logMAR or better in 83.9% (binocular)▸ DCIVA 0.1 in 95% eyes (binocular)
▸ 25.8% patients reported spectacle freedom
▸ Endophthalmitis 1 eye
▸ 12 eyes IOL dislocation
▸ 2 eyes retinal detachment
▸ 1 eye iridectomy
▸ 1 eye with persistent corneal oedema
▸ 3 eyes with iritis
Sanders and Sanders67TetraflexAccommodative1 year FDA clinical study2550.4 logMAR in 77%0.4 logMAR or better in 67%▸ 90% could read ≥ 80 wpm at the 0.2 logMAR print size
▸ 75% patients reported never or occasionally wore near glasses
Malpositioning of 5 IOLS
Mastropasqua et al681CU Human OpticsAccommodative2 years14Not available0.2 logMAR at 6 months 0.48 logMAR at 2 yearsAA 1.9 D at 6 months and 0.30  D at 2 yearsAnterior and posterior opacification in 100% of cases
Alió (2009)75The NuLensAccommodative1 year10 (Cataract and atrophic macular degeneration)Increase of 3.8 Jaeger rows (6 months)Not availableCross-section measurement of IOL of 0.09 mm (equivalent to 10 D)▸ 1 posterior synechia inducing IOL tilt
▸ 1 capsulorhexis edge capture by the haptic endplate inducing high myopia
  • Note: some visual acuities were converted to logMAR using the visual acuity conversion chart prepared by Jack T Holland.

  • AA, amplitude of accommodation; BDCNVA, best distance corrected near visual acuity; CIVA, corrected intermediate visual acuity; CS, contrast sensitivity; DCIVA, distance corrected intermediate visual acuity; LogMAR, log minimum angle of resolution; MIOL, multifocal intraocular lens; UCIVA, uncorrected intermediate visual acuity; NAVQ, Near Assessment of Vision Questionnaire; pIOL, phakic intraocular lens; UCNVA, uncorrected near visual acuity.