Table 1

Characteristics and outcomes of controlled clinical trials on autologous serum eye drop therapy in dry eye syndrome (DES)

StudyReferenceUnderlying diagnosesNumber of eyes/patientsMaskingPlaceboDilution (%)FrequencyTreatment lengthConcurrent therapyObjective testsSubjective tests
1Tananuvat et al9SS, NHL, GVHD, SJS, RA24/12Single (patient)Unpreserved saline solution (with dilute fluorescein)206×/day2  monthsPunctal occlusion, PFATTBUT, RBS, FS, CICSymptom score
2Noble et al10GVHD, SS, OCP, BS, RDS31/16Pathologist conducting CIC onlyPt’’s previous conventional treatment50Varied3 monthsNoneRBS, FCT, CICFaces Scale
3Kojima et al11SS, non-SS37/20Examiner onlyPFAT206×/day2 weeksNoneTBUT, RBS, FS, CICVisual analogue pain symptom score
4Noda-Tsuruya et al45Post-LASIK dry eyes54/27N/AArtificial tears205×/day6 monthsNoneTBUT, RBS, FSSubjective scores
5Urzua et al12Non-SS severe DES, age-related dry eye12 ptsDouble-maskedArtificial tears204×/day2 weeksNoneTBUT, FSOSDI score
6Celebi et al13Severe DES40/20Double-maskedPFAT204×/day1 monthNoneTBUT, Schirmer, Oxford scoreOSDI score
StudyReferenceObjective improvementSubjective improvementFailure rateComplications
1Tananuvat et al933% (RB), 39% (FS)36% (symptom score)N/A1 bottle positive cultures, 2 conjunctivitis pts
2Noble et al1048% of pts (CIC)75% of pts3/16 pts—objective (19%), 13/25 eyes—subjective (52%)None
3Kojima et al11TBUT, RB and FS scores statistically improved in tx groupStatistically significant improvement after treatmentN/ANot mentioned
4Noda-Tsuruya et al45TBUT prolonged @ 6 months, RB @ 1 and 3 months, FS @ 1 monthNo difference before/after surgeryN/AN/A
5Urzua et al12No significant improvement in TBUT/FS50.95% decrease in OSDI (statistically sig.)N/ANone
6Celebi et al13TBUT improved significantly, OXFORD and Schirmer’s did not54.74% decrease in OSDI score (stat. sig.)N/ANone
  • BS, Behçet’s syndrome; CIC, conjunctival impression cytology; FCT, fluorescein clearance test; FS, fluorescein staining; GVHD, graft-versus-host disease; LASIK, laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis; NHL, non-Hodgkins lymphoma; OCP, ocular cicatricial pemphigoid; OSDI, Ocular Surface Disease Index; PFAT, preservative-free artificial tears; RA, rheumatoid arthritis; RBS, rose-bengal staining; RDS, Riley-Day syndrome; SJS, Stevens-Johnson syndrome; SS, Sjögren's syndrome; TBUT, tear break-up time.