Table 3

Comparison between eyes with and without capillary drop-out

Subjects with PRPIVTs per year (mean±SD)Baseline BCVA (mean±SD)CRT baseline (mean±SD)Retinal fluid at final visit
No capillary drop-out (n=27)125.9±2.162.6±16.3433±108 μm88%
Capillary drop-out (n=13)85.0±2.060.1±14.0349±91 μm90%
p Value0.258*0.203†0.641†0.020†1.0*
  • *Pearson’s χ2 test with Yates’ continuity correction.†Two-sided unpaired Student’s t test.

  • BCVA, best-corrected visual acuity; CRT, central retinal thickness; IVT, intravitreal treatment; PRP, panretinal laser photocoagulation.