Table 2

Average recommended screening intervals by type of diabetes in individuals who either developed R2 (preproliferative retinopathy), R3A (active proliferative retinopathy) or M1 (diabetic maculopathy) within 2 years or not

 Average screening interval (months)Reduction in screening frequency (%)
RegimeWithout R2, R3 or M1With R2, R3, or M1
Type I2 years ceiling23.722.748.9
Type II2 years ceiling20.313.540.0
  • The results are shown for intervals with a 6 months floor and a 24 months ceiling. The last column shows the resulting reduction in the annual number of screenings of the population when applying the corresponding screening regime. With a 2 years ceiling, the mean recommended screening interval is 13.5 months for the patients with type II diabetes who develop R2, R3A or M1 within 2 years and 20.3 months for those who do not. The overall reduction in screening frequency in patients with type II diabetes is 40%.