Table 4

Treatment-related adverse events in patients who underwent cataract surgery with intracameral Mydrane or a standard regimen of topical drops

Mydrane groupReference group
Complication (number of patients)Complication (number of patients)
Mild ocular hyperaemia (1)
Moderate macular oedema (1)
Severe keratitis (1)
Increased intraocular pressure (3) Posterior capsule rupture (1)
Mild ocular hyperaemia (1)
Mild ocular oedema and hyperaemia (1)
Mild keratitis (2)
Increased intraocular pressure (2)
Moderate corneal epithelial defect (1)
Moderate corneal disorder (1)
  • The investigators considered posterior capsule rupture an ‘unlikely related’ adverse event with Mydrane. There were four cases of posterior capsule rupture in the reference group, none were considered related to the treatment by the investigators.

  • Mydrane group, patients who received an intracameral injection of a standardised combination of tropicamide 0.02%, phenylephrine 0.31% and lidocaine 1% just after the first incision; Reference group, patients who received a standard topical regimen of one drop each, of tropicamide 0.5% and phenylephrine 10%, repeated three times at 10 min intervals beginning 30 min before surgery..