Table 1

Summary of the number of study populations with data on myopia prevalence by ethnic group

Survey years
EthnicityNo. study populationsPublished articlesKNxRangeMean*
White34348754 32434441958 to 20111994
East Asian6555310157 879608951983 to 20132000
South Asian23207246 01226481992 to 20142002
South-East Asian971819 13420761987 to 20102006
Black in Africa1052484912621961 to 20091993
Black not in Africa551550383711997 to 20082006
Middle Eastern or North African16166741 81226791990 to 20112008
Hispanic or Latino10102633 40815031976 to 20071995
Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander661557945291967 to 20081987
American Indian or Alaska native44924574401967 to 20021985
Unknown/other/mixed333323422001 to 20082004
  • K, total number of available estimates of prevalence.

  • N, total number of participants (published or estimated).

  • X, total number of cases of myopia using definition closest to ‘spherical equivalent refraction/sphere refraction of −0.50 D or more myopia’

  • *Mean survey year weighted by study population size.