Table 1

Baseline characteristics of intent-to-treat set of patients who received intracameral Mydrane or standard topical regimen for cataract surgery

Mydrane group
Reference group
  n (%)120 (40.7)134 (45.3)
  n (%)175 (59.3)162 (54.7)
Age (years)
Time since cataract diagnosis (months)
Visible iris diameter at selection
  • Mydrane group, patients who received an intracameral injection of a standardised combination of tropicamide 0.02%, phenylephrine 0.31% and lidocaine 1% just after the first incision; n and N, number of patients; Reference group, patients who received a standard topical regimen of one drop each, of tropicamide 0.5% and phenylephrine 10% repeated three times at 10 min intervals beginning 30 min before surgery.