Table 1

Clinical summary of 12 patients with BrightOcular iris implant

Case number-country of implantationAgeGenderRaceUveitisGlaucomaCorneal decompensationExplantation months after implantSubsequent surgeriesVision
1-Tunisia40FCYes OU (resolved after explantation)Yes OD 42 mm Hg, OS 10 mm Hg on Rx; peripheral anterior synechiae 300° OD and 270° OSYes OD: endothelial cell count 1197/mm2 OD, 2372/mm2 OSYes after 5 monthsPlanned filtration ODInitial 6/24 OD 6/6 OS; final 6/6 OU
2-Lebanon39FCYes OU uncontrolled despite three monthly subtenon corticosteroid injectionsNoNoNo (patient refused)No6/6 OU
3-Turkey25FCYes OUYes OU 35 mm HgYes OU with corneal neovascularisation OUYes after 12 monthsNo6/30 OU normalised subsequently OU
4-Tunisia24MCYes (started 6 months after implantation; recurred 2 months after explantation)NoNoYes after 12 monthsNo6/6 OU
5-Lebanon35FCYes OUNoYes ODYes after 1 monthNo6/6 OU
6-Tunisia38FCNo NoNo (patient advised)No6/6 OU
7-Lebanon25FCYes OUYes 55 mm Hg OD 62 mm Hg OS (not respond to medical therapy; no PI)YesNo (patient advised)NoCF 2 m OD; 20/400 OS
8-Lebanon26FCYes OUYes 48 mm Hg OD 50 mm Hg OS (not respond to medical therapy; no PI)YesNo (patient advised)NoCF 4 m OD; 20/400 OS
9-Jordan32FCYes OUYesYesYes after 24 monthsNo6/12 OD; 6/6 OS
10-Jordan25FCNoNoNoYes after 18 monthsNo6/6 OU
11-Turkey38FAYes OUNoNoYes after 12 monthsNo6/6 OU
12-Tunisia33FAYes OUYesNoYes after 12 monthsNo6/6 OU
  • Cases 5 and 6 were partly mentioned previously.14 ,15

  • C, Caucasian; CF, counting fingers; F, female; M, male; OD, right eye; OS, left eye; OU, bilateral; PI, peripheral iridotomy; Rx, therapy.