Table 2

VFQ-25 scores delineated by wearing status and primary disease category: distorted corneal surface and ocular surface disease (OSD)

Distorted corneal surfaceOSDTotal
Wearing at 5 years?YesNoYesNoYesNo
Baseline VFQ-25 score62.4064.4454.9055.8358.9458.25
6-month VFQ-25 score86.0068.6782.0773.6784.4272.24
5-year VFQ-25 score82.6476.9173.7067.0378.4669.75
5-year change VFQ-25 score+20.24+12.47+18.80+11.20+19.52+11.5
Baseline GHS score68.7561.1157.3259.7863.4860.15
6-month GHS score73.0866.6768.5253.3371.2457.14
5-year GHS score68.9050.0060.4252.3864.9451.72
5-year change GHS score+0.15−11.11+3.10−7.40+1.46−8.43
  • VFQ-25, NEI VFQ-25 composite score, Visual Function Questionnaire's main categories; GHS, NEI VFQ self-reported general health status.