Table 1

Patient characteristics at baseline

Sex (female)25 (96.2)
Age (years)60 (57–66)
Sjögren disease associated with dry eye22 (84.6)
Duration of ocular dryness (months)48 (29–56)
Schirmer I test (mm)1 (0–4)
Fluorescein staining score (Oxford scale)3 (3–4)
Lissamine green staining score (Oxford scale)7 (6–8)
Break-up time (s)3 (3–4)
Ocular surface disease index (OSDI) score60.4 (50.0–73.4)
Global number of drops per day6 (5–10)
  • Categorical variables are displayed as number (percentage).

  • Continuous variables are displayed as median (IQR).