Table 2

Multivariate analysis to determine the prognostic effects of selected variables* on letters gained from baseline at (A) year 1 and (B) year 2 (only significant variables are shown)

CoefficientSELower 95% CIUpper 95% CIp Value
(A) Variables (year 1)
 Switching to other treatments−4.451.72−7.82−1.070.010
 Age at start of therapy−0.270.05−0.37−0.16<0.001
 Baseline visual acuity score−0.350.02−0.39−0.300.000
 Number of ophthalmoscopies and OCT (combined)<0.001
(B) Variables (year 2)
 Number of injections (ranibizumab)0.320.110.120.530.002
 Number of ophthalmoscopies and OCT (combined)
 Age at start of therapy−0.280.07−0.41−0.15<0.001
 Baseline visual acuity score−0.420.03−0.48−0.36<0.001
  • *The selected variables were the ones that were significantly associated with letters gained in the univariate regression analysis, including those that were tested using Pearson's correlation test and those that were tested for normality (continuous variables only), but only those that remained significant in the multivariate analysis are shown.

  • OCT, optical coherence tomography.

  • †Number of observations of the analysis was 1329; F-value: 64.31; R2=0.16.

  • ‡Number of observations of the analysis was 968; F-value: 63.02; R2=0.21.